Thursday, August 26, 2004

And -- here we go again

Driving home, the cell rings. Its Bonnie reporting. Josh has another fever. They’ll wait until I’m home then we’re back to Beaumont. Packing has become so routine. Three days of clothes, shorts and t-shirts, just comfortable stuff. Pack the GameCube and assorted games and he’s out the door.

Dr. M has already arranged a room, so we go straight to the Peds floor and he’s Mr. Cool, “I knew you all missed me, so here I am.” He’s got three nurses hooking him up to the IVs, drawing his blood for the cultures and giving him a hard time. Giving it back I should say, as he’s non-stop harrassing them. The resident on tonight comes in and does the history. She knows it by heart, then she goes and orders up his meds.

I’ll bet he gets platelets, and maybe blood. He took a Tylenol for the fever and they’ve ordered the standard spread of antibiotics until the cultures get back; just in case.

He’s a little tired, but feels good. Good, I say. Too good, he’s ornery. But this is the drill. I expect the cultures will be the same…nothing. They thought it was just a neutropenic fever last time, and it probably is again. But, you never know.

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