Saturday, August 28, 2004

Biding our time

Listening to Linkin Park. All night. Josh uses his boom box as ‘white noise’ to drown out the sound the pumps make on the IV. Don’t get me wrong, I like Linkin Park. But the same CD, all night, night after night—gets easy to block out.

We’re still in limbo here in the hospital. His fever is up and down throughout the day. No infections have shown up in the blood or his lines. The doctors are opeating under the assumption that it’s a neutropenic fever. When Josh is neutropenic (has low white blood cells or neutrophils) complete blood counts (CBC) are checked to see if he is neutropenic (low white blood cell count) and at higher risk of infection. So after chemo, Josh is susceptible to things at the time he’s least able to fight themn off. When he has a fever he’s hospitalized until his body starts to produce white blood cells and neutrophils again to fight off. The main concern is that an infection can develop in the blood and lead to a life-threatening condition - sepsis. So Josh is admitted to receive antibiotics until the fever resolves, and neutrophils increase to safe levels – even when no source of infection is found. So we’ll be here doing the hospital drag until he’s fever free for 24 hours. That will depend on his recovering some neutrophils. But…. his white cell counts were .2 today. I hope that means he’ll be seeing some neutrophils and increased white counts in the next couple of days.

He generally is feeling – no, I won’t say he’s feeling good. But he’s usually not feeling bad. Spirits are still good, but he’s starting to tire quicker and he’s starting to look a little weaker. So we’re both going to bed now.

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