Friday, August 13, 2004

Got to the hospital after work. Josh was settled in, getting caught up with the nurses. There were several of the old hands around that we know and like real well. I think most stopped in to say hi. He was immersed in Nintendo, but still passing the banter back and forth. Any jitters he's had have not been evident.

He was admitted too late to have filled out a menu and, having missed breakfast and lunch due to surgery, he was getting hungry. Of course, they showed up with something hideous looking which he rejected out of hand. The new dinner hour is six there and that made it a long wait. He ate the pumpkin pie and sent the gal off to scrounge up some cereal for him. She returned with a couple of boxes of Frosted Flakes which filled the bill.

They hung the first bag of chemo at 10 p.m. They'd started the steroid eye drops earlier to combat the 'dry eyes' effect of the Ara-C. They aren't something they like to use at Beaumont, but they were so effective at Children's and he'd had such a bad time of it without them before. They also started the Zofran via IV just before the Ara-C and he'll get that every 6 hours to fight off the nausea. Hopefully, it will be a couple of days before any of that hits or food starts tasting too bad.

Bonnie arrived pretty early, around 10 p.m. She brought a couple of McDonald's hot apple pies per his majesty's request and he was glad to see those. I don't know how nutritious they are, but they're calories. And he will always eat them.

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