Monday, August 30, 2004

Home again -- again

Or at least we’re headed that way. That’s what Josh said when he called me. I like good news. His fever appears to have broken and he’s feeling much better. So, paroled again. They were capping off his lines and getting him ready to discharge when he called. His blood counts were holding and he’ll go in to the clinic on Wednesday and Friday for checks and either blood or platelets if they’re needed.
Blood is so unappreciated. We take it for granted, but with Josh everything it does becomes so noticeable; the oozing from the little cuts and scabs because his platelets are so low and the clotting we take for granted isn’t happening, the low energy levels when the hemoglobin is down and the boost he gets from a transfusion, and most of all, the ability to fight disease and infection when the white blood cells aren’t there. Once again, it was the reappearance of his white blood cells and neutrophils that finally allowed him to fight off whatever was causing this fever. His white cells and neutrophils have been creeping back up the last two days and today we see the affect.
Good job, buddy. Ill see you at home tonight.

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