Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Home again

Bonnie always says we look like gypsies traipsing in and out of the hospital. Bags of clothes, GameCube, DVD. And the longer he’s in, the more stuff gets dragged in each night until it takes multiple trips to the car to pack him out of there.

Nevertheless, I was glad to get the call from Josh telling me he was getting paroled. There’s no infection in the lines. He had some e-coli, but now he’s feeling pretty good. They gave him one last bag of platelets to send him on his way. It was just finishing when I arrived to take him home. We waited the obligatory hour for observation after the transfusion was finished and they disconnected him from the IV and capped off his lines and we were off.

He was glad to get home this time and was settled in with his Nintendo and a cat. He’s scheduled for a check-up Friday and I’m sure that will mean blood and platelets transfusions. But that’s easy stuff.

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