Monday, August 23, 2004

Much better day

It’s amazing what good you can do with some antibiotics, some aspirin drops for the eyes, a bag of platelets and just a touch of morphine.

Bonnie called me at work about 11:30. Dr. M had been in and said the blood culture (from the vein, not the lines) had showed gram positve, so it’s possibly not an infection. He had a consult in for Dr. F in Infectious Disease anyway and he’ be in this afternoon. Fevers had declined over the night. And Josh was feeling better.

Then this afternoon Josh started to call. “Dad, guess what. I’ve got my eyes open. And they don’t hurt. And the TV in this room doesn’t work. And I’m bored. Can you stop at home and pick up my Game Cube and [insert list of games, ad nauseum here]?”

And called. “Dad, Dr. ? was just here. He’s Dr. C’s [the radiologist] resident. Dr. M had them come over for my radiology consult so I wouldn’t have to go in there next week. Dr. C is coming in tomorrow, but the resident said he didn’t think we’d need radiology because it usually isn’t necessary on surface cancers and mine looked like the chemo had cleared it up pretty well.”

And called. This last on my way to the car. “Dad, since you’re going by the house, you’ll be coming up Southfield Rd., right?”


“Well, how about you stop at Boston Market and pick up mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn bread? Oh, and chicken.”


“And since you’re right there, can you stop at Blockbuster? Whatever looks good.”

And he cleaned it up pretty well. Now he’s got a stomach ache, but at least he came by this one honestly.

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