Friday, August 13, 2004

Questions beget questions...

… but also beget answers. We were concerned that they didn’t do a spinal at Children’s when they did the last bone marrow aspiration. Josh’s central nervous system has been clear and the ‘bump’ on the head has been diagnosed as surface leukemia. But when it’s that close to the brain – you worry. So I asked Dr. S last week about it. I was glad when Bonnie called to tell me that per a conversation with Dr. S, Beaumont had scheduled Josh for a spinal tap with an intrathecal (chemo in the spinal fluid as a preventive treatment) for this afternoon. And I’ll be glad to get those lab results back.

Josh doesn’t like these. He handles the procedure well but he doesn’t like that he has to stay inverted (bed head-down at a 30 degree angle) for three hours after. About an hour of that he’ll sleep off the sedative, but then he’ll be cranky about 2 more hours without Nintendo.

I’m off to the hospital. I’m a poor substitute for Nintendo, but maybe he’ll find me entertaining this afternoon.

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