Wednesday, August 18, 2004


We’ve been concerned about this incessant pain he’s been having in his chest. Of course, the oncologists immediately want to rule out any damage to his organs so they get him a clean bill of health there first. It’s an on-going concern whenever he’s sick or has some unexplained pain. The long-term effects of all this chemo are always in the back of your mind. Daunarubicin was removed from the protocol this time because he’s already had his lifetime maximum for that drug. They limit that because of the damage it can cause to, of course, the heart.

So we’ve had the EKG and chest x-ray. EKG is so quick. The two lab techs from x-ray were cute, so he perked up. They came back up to retake the x-ray in about 30 minutes. His lungs were too big and they cut off the top part when they took the picture. So he expanded his manly chest and they made sure they got the whole thing. Yesterday afternoon Dr. J consulted cardiology and he came in to do an echo on the heart. The cardiologist was impressed. Strong heart. We knew that! So, Hooray, right? But it’s not jubilation you feel. It’s relief.

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