Sunday, August 29, 2004

Transplant status

We’ve gleaned a little information this weekend while waiting on this fever to break or something to give us some indication of what we’re fighting here. Dr. S at Karmanos is pretty much directing the treatment for Beaumont to make sure they’re in line with what they need done for the bone marrow transplant. He’s also the one who made the referral to St. Jude’s in Memphis for us. Well, he told Dr. J here at Beaumont that St. Jude’s at turned us down for the transplant because they don’t have any room. Of course, depending on how well this second donor matches, we may be able to do it at Karmanos. But we don’t know that. They did recommend the Children’s hospital at U/ Minn. It will be a while, though, before we hear from them.

In the mean time, we’ve got other battles to fight before the big one. Dr. S also told Dr. J they want Josh to go through one or two more rounds of consolidation therapy. This first round of chemo was induction therapy, the purpse of which is to induce remission of the cancer. That’s our initial goal. Of course, we won’t know how well Josh has achieved that goal without a bone marrow aspiration to look at the marrow. We don’t know yet if they’re going to do one when his counts recover or wait until after the next round of chemo for consolidation therapy.

The other thing still pending is the radiation for his tumor. That will start Wednesday, Sep. 1st. They’ll do a mapping Wednesday, then one dose each day for seven days. While he’s still admitted here, they’ll just take him down each day for his appointment. If he’s released during that time frame, he’ll just have to come in for the treatments on an out-patient basis. Each treatment will take a few minutes of set-up and less than a second for the treatment. The dose is going to be targeted on the site of the tumor and will be very low dosage. Surface only, it will not go into the brain at all. The tumor appears to have responded well to the first round of chemo and there’s no swelling visible. This is all strictly to make sure we’ve gotten all the cancer before we do the transplant. This is precautionary stuff, I just wish precautions didn’t have to be so rough on my kid.

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