Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What we know so far

Josh's leukemia is definently back. Less than 5% blasts in the marrow from the last aspiration, but the cytogenics confirmed it's there.

And the growth on the top of his head is a tumor, not the cyst we'd hoped it was. The tumor is just under the surface and is also leukemia. That will require radiation in additon to the chemo.

We still don't know the sub-type; nor the treatment protocol, but the doctors want to get started right away. Get him into a quick remission and go for another bone marrow transplant, this time an allogenic transplant. Dr. S at Children's is talking to St. Jude's and is doing a referral. He's talking to Dr. J at Beaumont and between the three hospital's they're working out the protocol. Most likely VP-16 and Ara-C for the chemo. The radiation is such an unknown for us. That will be consulted in later. I still don't know if they intend to remove the tumor surgically first or not.

Bonnie is taking Josh in to Beaumont for a CBC today to get the blood counts and make sure his platelets are high enough for surgery. He'll probably go in tomorrow or Friday to have the new port catheter inserted. Then we'll start treatment, I suppose.

Josh was scheduled to go to Camp Quality on Sunday for a week. He's always enjoyed it up there and really relates to the people there. I'm so sorry he's going to have to miss that.

The bright spot (?) so far is that they've found not one, but two unrelated donors who are a better match than I am. They weren't on the National Bone Marrow Donor registry just last month.

This is Josh's third round with leukemia. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (hereafter, AML). Third time's a charm. Damn, we're getting good at this. Good and tired of it. This will be another year out of school. Just have to do it.

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