Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back to Beaumont

Back in to the hospital yesterday. By the time I got there after work he was plugged in and they had his first chemo hanging. This is going to be relatively easy (yeah, that’s easy for me to say). He’s only going to have two days of Ara-C, 250 ml over three hours every 12 hours. Four doses total. Then Friday morning he gets an injection of Asparaginase and then he can go home after six hours observation. A three day visit for chemotherapy, a new record for shortness of duration. I’ll take it.

This is our first stay at Beaumont since they opened the new wing. It’s huge, very spread out and open. The room’s are nice, large and have it all. New flat-screen TVs are mounted on the wall with DVD/VCR players attached and each room has it’s own mini-fridge so we can keep some drinks and such in there for him. Good, since he goes through so much Propel.

Josh, of course, was having a quiet evening. Started with some Nintendo, did a little homework, and partied with all the nurses. He had a couple in there at any time, BS-ing and giving him a hard time. It was a pretty quiet night on the Peds floor, so they had time to stop in and catch up on how he’s doing and he was wallowing in all the attention. He had a pretty good night.

The report I got on him from Bonnie was that he’d been a grump most of the day, but he got over it. That’s a pretty normal transition. It’s quite an adjustment to get back in the hospital; it drives everything home again. It’s an emotional adjustment. And getting hooked up to his IV and having to push that pole around with him every time he gets up limits his mobility and freedom. And he knows that pretty soon, the chemo will build up in his system and start to make him feel lousy. I’d be a grump, too. But he got over it.

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