Saturday, September 11, 2004

Okay, I'll update already.

Josh’s blood counts Friday were good, not great, but good. No aspiration of the marrow, though. Children’s Hospital wanted to do the sample there rather than have Beaumont send the sample down to them. Josh will go to the cancer clinic at Children’s on Tuesday morning for a CBC, then they’ll do the aspiration at 9:30 that morning. It will take a day or so to get the lab results, then they’ll decide what drugs/dosages they’ll use for consolidation chemo and when we’ll start. I imagine we’ll be in the hospital by next weekend.

But that’s next weekend. Now is this weekend and yesterday the doctor cleared Josh to go to the Tigers game this weekend. Bonnie is out of town, she and her mom went to Pennsylvania for the weekend to see Aunt/Uncle. So…the guys have the Tigers after church tomorrow. Yep. If Josh can go to a ball game, he can go to church too. He’s actually looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow. And I’m looking forward to it too. From my perspective, he just doesn’t get enough opportunities like this.

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