Monday, September 27, 2004


It never ceases to amaze me how we react to stress. Bonnie called me as I was driving home and she’d just heard from Laurie about his donor. I could tell by her voice what the news was and relief just flooded over me. She confirmed that the donor is a 9/10 match for Josh. So, we’ll be doing the bone marrow transplant here at Karmanos Cancer Center. They’re presenting his case at their weekly staff meeting tomorrow and Dr. S indicated he thought it would be in about six weeks. That’s about the time frame for him to complete the consolidation chemo at Beaumont and have his counts recover. In the meantime they’ll be able to contact the donor and arrange for her bone marrow harvest and have it shipped here.

Josh had called me with his blood counts from the Beaumont clinic just before I left work and had wanted to know if they could admit him tomorrow and start the consolidation. His counts were all right at the bottom edge of normal range and he was anxious to start moving forward. He just wants to get this done and all the waiting can wear on him somewhat. Dr. J from Beaumont and Dr. S from Children’s had not been able to talk to each other and work out what the chemotherapy protocol would be, so we are waiting until Wednesday to get started. Back to the hospital drag for the next week or two or three, but it does feel good to be moving forward again.

What really feels good is the relief of knowing we’ve got a good match and we can proceed with the transplant here. When Bonnie told me there was a lady in the car next to me had the stop light who had her window down and I just wanted to roll down me window and yell, “We’ve got a match!” to her. But I restrained myself. I beeped Dave at work, though, cause I had to tell somebody. What a relief.

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