Friday, September 03, 2004

School's starting

Since Josh’s counts were high and he’s not neutropenic, and since Bonnie had to swing by the school to pick up his books for the tutor, Josh went in and ate lunch with his class yesterday. What a tonic for him. I can’t begin to describe what a boost he gets from the opportunities he has to interact with his friends. And they are such a great bunch of kids. Of course, they’re not really kids at this age, they’re youths. Young people. Maturing. And Josh is missing so much, first last year, and now this year all over again. It breaks my heart that he can’t spend more time with his friends.

At least we’re getting the tutor started at the beginning of the year and hopefully he won’t have to work so hard to keep up as he did last year when we spent so much time fighting with the public schools over getting him the support he needed. You would think that you wouldn’t need to fight so hard to get the city to provide the services required to your child, wouldn’t you? The tutor is more than willing to work with us and around his schedule and locations, in and out of the hospital. But the bureaucrats…they just have to get in the way. Thank God for Josh’s school. They’ve done so much to help and they’re providing the books and assignments for the tutor so we know Josh is on a good curriculum and staying up with his friends there.

Thank you, Our Shepherd. There are no bureaucrats over there, only caring teachers and administrators.

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