Monday, September 27, 2004


Lots and lots of waiting. Laurie did call Friday evening to let us know they had most of the lab samples back for the additional HLA (human leukocyte antigen; aren’t you glad you asked?) tests on our potential donor. They’re just waiting on the results of one last set of antigens – they do them in pairs. Best match, a possible 10 out of 10. This last sample has the potential of having a 9/10 match and Laurie said they’re very optimistic about it. Hopes are up and I’m scared cause I know how dangerous it is to get your hopes up. She thought she’d be able to get the last results today or tomorrow. So, soon we’re going to know.

In the meantime, Josh is going in today for a CBC at Beaumont and we’ll see how his blood counts are doing and after Dr. S gets the results and the consultations between Children’s Oncology and Beaumont Oncology are finished, we’ll know when we’re going back into Beaumont to begin the Consolidation Chemo and what cocktail of drugs they’ve cooked up for us this time. And Josh can keep plugging away at the homework while we wait.

He’s feeling good. He went to church with me Sunday, disappearing somewhere between the car and the front door. Youth were doing a car wash and I didn’t see him again until the service was over. That was fine, as he doesn’t get enough opportunity to see his friends. In the afternoon, we went to watch Our Shepherd win the 3rd place trophy in a soccer tournament.

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