Thursday, September 16, 2004

Where we stand

Josh went to Children’s Hospital Tuesday morning for a bone marrow aspiration. First stop, the Oncology Clinic for a CBC. His counts are coming up, but slowly. So, no consolidation chemo-therapy yet.

After the bone marrow aspiration, he and Bonnie stopped at Greek Town to sate his craving for a gyro and some flaming cheese. Laurie called Wednesday morning and said, “Josh’s marrow was mildly hypocellular recovering marrow post chemo with erythroid hyperplasia and no morphologic evidence of leukemia.”
Translated hypocellular means, “the cell numbers were lower than expected which is not uncommon this early after chemo especially since his blood counts have not totally normalized.” Erythroid hyperplasia means “an excessive production of red blood cells” which is also often seen with a marrow that is recovering from chemo and these findings are not anything to worry about. Morphology is the term used to describe how the cells look and none of the cells looked like leukemia cells.”

But, and most important, we won’t get the cytogenics (chromosome analysis) back until next week. That’s where we found evidence of leukemia in the marrow in July. It was not seen by morphology and only picked up on the chromosome test which is considered to be minimal disease (early detection). It will obviously be a very good thing if the cytogenetics are now normal because that will mean that there is no evidence of minimal residual disease

So, what are we doing now? We’re still waiting for the counts to get back to normal range. There is still no word on the tests on the other donor as to a match.

In the meantime, Josh is feeling pretty good. Hemoglobin and red blood are down a little. The radiation treatment is probably affecting that and that will be done next week. His white blood cells, neutrophils and platelets are gradually increasing so he can go out more and do things. He was able to go see his team play a soccer game last night and, if he’s not getting a transfusion tomorrow, he can go see them again Friday.

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