Monday, October 18, 2004

Back home, again

After a long weekend wherein we learn more about shingles than I ever cared to know. Shingles is the same virus which causes chicken pox. I didn’t know that. Once you've had chickenpox, the virus lies dormant (inactive) in your nerve roots. If it becomes active again, it causes shingles, not another case of chickenpox. Because it is in the nerve root, it can be painful and the lesions will spread along that particular nerve, clustering around the nerve stems. This is uncomfortable, but not particularly dangerous unless it is close to the optic nerve, where Josh got it. So they kept him over the weekend and started him on an IV anti-viral med and had the ophthalmologist check his eyes each day. He was released yesterday afternoon to go home on the same medicine in a pill. He goes in to see the ophthalmologist today at 2 p.m.

I’m just glad they let him out as that allows us to stay on track with his other preliminary tests which were scheduled to start today at Children’s. Today he’s got the EKG and echo for his heart and collect his urine over the next 24 hours to test for proper kidney function.

So, it appears we’re still on track despite the week in the hospital. He’ been feeling pretty good and the shingles don’t appear to be bothering him. Good that we caught them early and they were pro-active in treating them. Just so long as they stay away from those eyes.

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