Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Catch up

Sometimes you speak too soon. Okay, he's been good about homework, but this weekend he's just been a bear. To be fair, he just hasn't felt good. But...

His counts are definitely bottoming out. He was in for a CBC yesterday and they got him a bed in Beaumont and I went over after work and sat with him while he got blood. A unit of platelets over two hours, wait and observe an hour, a unit of whole blood over two hours, then observe one more hour. We were ready to blow that Popsicle stand. He watched a couple of videos and then finished one of the books he's been reading. Then he got bored. We got home about 10:45, got his Neupogen shot and pills and straight to bed for him.

The good part was that he actually felt a little better yesterday. He's got tutoring today and needs to get back into study mode this evening. That is until the Yankees/Red Sox square off at 8.

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