Friday, October 15, 2004

Damn it.

You know how sometimes you feel like you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Josh hasn't been feeling all that hot. Not real bad, but not good. Normal when your counts are down. And when the immune system has been wiped out, you just wait for it to come back, hoping all the while that he won't catch anything since he can't fight it off. He went in today for a CBC, stayed for platelets. He mentioned to Dr. M how he'd been feeling and Dr. M consulted in Dr. F to see him while he was in the hospital for platelets. Josh mentioned to him that when he woke up this morning he felt like he had a black eye. Well, Dr. F noticed something on his nose and thinks it might be shingles. Ordered an opthalmologist consult to check the eye. Looks like we're spending the night. Hope to know by tomorrow. If it is, he can go home on oral antibiotics.

At least his neutrophils were up a tad. So we can stop the Neupogen injections each evening. So the counts should be starting to recover and Dr. F was optimistic this wouldn't delay the transplant. That is targeted for Nov. 9th. Coming soon, huh? The next two weeks he's been scheduled for all his battery of tests; EKG and heart echo on Oct. 18th, Pulmonary Function on Oct. 19th, consult with Radiology at the Medical Center on Oct. 25th, and the bone marrow aspiration and spinal on Oct. 26th.

Then the first week of November we start the preparatory phase of the transplant. Nov. 2nd is Day -7: TBI (total body Irradiation),
T-6: TBI,
T-5: TBI,
T-4: VP-16 (chemo; 1500 mg),
T-3: Cytoxon (chemo, 1800 mg),
T-2: Cytoxon 1800 mg
T-1: Rest day
Day 0: SCT (infuse

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