Monday, October 25, 2004

Good weekend

Josh had a good weekend. He and Bonnie went to the movie Taxi Friday afternoon after his clinic visit, then Saturday she took him to pick up a couple of friends at church and dropped them all at the theater to see Friday Night Lights. The poor kid just doesn’t get to see his friends nearly enough. It was like a tonic for him. He’s been his regular, irrepressible self all weekend. Just a tad on the teenage boy obnoxious side, but I’ll never complain about that. He’s just got this week left before we start the transplant again. We hope he’ll be able to have a couple of friends over to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game next Saturday. His friends are all State fans and he is such a U/M fan, it creates a lot of good natured ribbing.

Of course, always, in the back of the mind is worrying about the little things. The gotchas. It’s been almost a year since we were closing in on the target date for Josh’s first transplant when he had the ischemic attacks that put us on hold. The CAT scans, the MRIs, the brain surgery, the infections, and – finally – the transplant. Months later than targeted but, always, moving forward. And we’re moving forward now, but I don’t think I’ll feel like it until he’s admitted and we’re in the process. There will be plenty to worry about then on a day to day basis as we monitor his progress and guard against infections and fight them when necessary. Right now, though, I worry about any delays.

Josh, rightfully, is dreading this, but still wants to get started. He’s in this morning for his bone marrow aspiration and spinal and we’ll be anxious to get the lab results back on that. The next few months are going to be hard, but waiting – and knowing what’s coming – is harder still. I think any delay would be devastating for him. So, we wait and watch this last week. And hope that next Tuesday, we’re taking the next steps in this battle.

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