Thursday, October 07, 2004

One day at a time...

Okay, so Tuesday night as I’m leaving work for the hospital Bonnie called and said Josh was being discharged. Dr. F had been in and said he could go home, either on antibiotics, or not. He didn’t feel the Vanco wasn’t doing that much good and Josh was fighting off the infection on his own. So, we stopped the antibiotic and I went and picked them up. Josh was still a little woozy, but he’s been doing pretty good. He’s certainly eating well, though his stomach has been bothering him a bit.

Well, this evening after dinner, Bonnie and I took the dogs for a walk and when we got back he’d thrown up dinner and was not feeling too hot. He took a Benadryl and is resting. Temp was up to 99.5 so we’re monitoring. We’ll watch Survivor and see if his temp is holding. We don’t have to call to go back to the hospital unless he hits 101.

He’ll go in to the clinic tomorrow morning for a CBC and we’ll see what the verdict is if we get through tonight. He did get platelets Tuesday before he was discharged. At the least, I expect he’ll need platelets and, likely, whole blood tomorrow.

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