Saturday, October 09, 2004

Still home, no fever

No fever yesterday morning, so Josh just went in for a CBC. Counts are dropping, as expected. White cells and neuts are down so he’s neutropenic once more. Platelets were 4. Yes, 4. Period. So they got him a room in Beaumont and ordered platelets. He and Bonnie got home shortly after I got home from work. We kept an eye on his temp, watching for a reaction and had a quiet evening. Watched a little baseball and a little debate. Baseball was winning.

Josh’s nausea still seems pretty spotty. After throwing up dinner Thursday evening, he ate a plate of BBQ chicken wings with a big class of chocolate milk to wash it down. Then repeated that recipe as a bedtime snack. Any eating is good, so we don’t argue over what he’s craving. He’s done a good job of managing his nausea and hasn’t needed any Zofran or other meds to help. But the guy’s got some strange ideas about what he can eat. He’s been eating eggs in the morning, but breakfast this morning was just a half a pound of bacon. I thought the grease would do him in, but it didn’t faze him.

He’s been doing a good job of keeping up with schoolwork with some tutoring. He works real well with them and it takes the pressure off us to do all the schooling. His attitude about it has been good this time.

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