Sunday, October 03, 2004

What on Earth is going on here?

That’s what I want to know. And, unfortunately, that’s also what the doctors are trying to figure out. Yesterday, they thought it must have been a false positive on his white line, but then his red line came up positive. His red blood cell, hemoglobin and platelet counts are dropping slowly as expected post-chemo. But his white cells and neutrophils are way up. Not to be expected. It’s normal for them to increase to fight an infection, but post-chemo, they should be wiped out. So the doctors are scratching their collective heads, and we’re running more cultures to see what can turn up. He’s continuing on Vancomycin and staying in the hospital, at least for now.

Josh is a little tired, I suppose, but feels generally good. He’s been doing homework and playing some new Nintendo game along with the old favorites. He stays up most of the day, but when 10 p.m. comes, he’s ready for bed and sleeps like a log. Of course, he has to get up four times a night for the bathroom. It’s not easy to sleep through the night when you’re being pumped full of fluids via IV 24/7.

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