Thursday, November 11, 2004

11th day, 11th month

Armistice Day. Later Veteran’s Day. Always significant. It should give us pause to think of those who have sacrificed all for our freedom. I am grateful for our freedoms and for their sacrifice. And I’m moved when I watch the struggles being fought for freedom around the globe; Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China. The human spirit will not be contained.

But this is not a political blog. It is another type of freedom I’m longing for today. Freedom for Josh. The type of freedom health can bring. Free of disease. Free to be a normal teen. Free to run with his friends. Free to grow, mature. Once more he must engage in battle with this disease, this dragon to be slain. The first bag of Busulfan is hanging and pumping through his veins now. Killing any latent leukemia cells and, more important, wiping the slate, preparing his system to receive new marrow to engraft and give him a fresh start.

It’s been three years now. 11/11/2001. Victories and setbacks. But always resilient. Thank you, Lord, for his indomitable spirit.

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