Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Admit--or not admit?

That is the question.

Christmas was nice. Very nice. And we all enjoyed it immensely. Then the last two days after Christmas, Josh has been up and down. Fever is up and down every day and he doesn't feel very good when it's up. It's been anywhere from 99 to 101.3. Hand in hand with that is the trouble he's having digesting food. He's been trying to eat well and doing a pretty good job, but then he's having nausea which is sometimes accompanied with vomiting and he's had diarrhea daily.

We took him in on Sunday for a quick checkup and he was fine so it was back to the house, but yesterday was rough for him. Bonnie took him in to the clinic today and they got a stool sample and took some blood for cultures since he was spiking a fever at the time. They are considering whether they want to admit him. We're waiting to see what the cultures and the stool show.

They are pretty sure he's got some GVH in the intestines and, although his rash has mostly cleared up, there are some new spots. And that is definitely GVH. So they are going to start him on a course of steroids. The only question remaining is where.

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