Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Back to the hospital

The bag was a good idea. Josh called me from the clinic and they were admitting him. Between the fever, the on-again/off-again rash, the diarhea, and the headaches they wanted to check things out. They think he probably has some GVHD, possibly in the intestinal track, but almost certainly the rash. The headaches are probably just a sinus infection from the cold he's been fighting, but they want to run tests and culture everything and make sure we're on top of it. I'm not looking forward to the hospital drag again but I certainly don't want to take any chances.

So, I've got the list of things he wants me to bring in (games and memory cards; you have to keep your priorities straight, ya know) and I'll pack my sweats and head in there tonight and spend the night and take my planned vacation day for tomorrow, then back to work on Friday. We'll keep you posted.

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