Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Can't think of a title

Everything has continued to be pretty much the same through the night. When I got to the hospital last night Laurie was there and they were getting ready to do take a 1/4" section from his skin to biopsy his rash and see if it was Graft versus Host. Josh was none too thrilled and was lashing out at everybody in sight. He'd gotten himself pretty worked up about the biopsy and was nearly hysterical when I got there.

The biopsy was a little painful and, although he's certainly experienced worse, he was really scared of this one. Actually, the Lanacane injection was the worst part of the procedure and I think seeing the large gauge needle (okay, she said it was small but I thought it looked pretty big, too) was what really set off his anxiety. Laurie, of course, was great at calming him and he gripped the bed rails and we got it done and stitched up.

He's still having stomach pain. Last night he was describing it as the worst pain he'd ever had and told the nurse it was a 9! That's pain, because he never subscribes to their "On a scale of 1-10..." pain chart and he was screaming at everybody that came in. After we got him some Diluadid for the pain he was still hurting for another half hour or so. He finally drifted off to a restless sleep.

Of course, they showed up with a wheel chair to take him down to x-ray as soon as he was resting. We went down and they took a couple of views of his abdomen and we'll see if there's anything causing the pain. They don't expect to see anything there since his physical exams don't reveal any swelling or abnormalities.

The doctor thinks it's strictly this roto-virus causing all his discomfort and it just has to run it's course. It's probably the culprit for these fevers which continue to come and go with no discernable cause. He was back up to 101.2 last night, but it broke on it's own again without Tylenol. He gets the chills, though and lays there and shivers. This has just not been a fun week for him and it's been really hard to watch.

There is good news, he just doesn't feel it. The DNA test they took of his blood last week in the clinic came back with all his blood cells as 100% donor cells. That means that his new marrow is fully functioning. This is huge and I wish he were able to enjoy and celebrate it. The MRI they took this weekend is also back and there is nothing there. Even his lesions from last December's surgery have cleared up and his whole brain is looking good. Now if the x-ray comes back today with no abnormality, we'll just have to weather this virus. It may not be fun, but there are no major health issues. His white counts and neutrophils are good so eventually he's going to fight this off.

You never know how quickly these things will resolve, but obviously we all want him to get home. Right now it looks like Thursday would be the earliest but I'm not too optimistic about being home for Christmas this year. So Christmas will be a hybrid if necessary, part hospital, part post-poned. He's probably doing this on purpose so he can have Christmas twice in two places.

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