Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Two steps forward

and three steps back. Josh spiked a fever up to 101.5 last night and had a major bout of diarrhea, along with the severe cramping he's been having. Pain control is becoming a major issue for us. We want him to use less Dilaudid as we're concerned about the narcotic affect he's showing, but... right now nothing else is providing him relief and the pain is intense. We're conflicted and the doctors are conflicted. Josh is not conflicted. He wants relief.

Nobody is sure where the fever is coming from. It was gone later in the evening and Bonnie reports he was fever free all night. Then it jumped to 100 again just before noon. The doctor's say that GVD won't cause a fever and the gram positive is responding to the Vancomycin he's on. There is something else at play here and we're not getting it. Bonnie said they might do an ultrasound on the stomach and intestines to see if there is anything they can see that's causing the pain. His white cells and neutrophils are good so it's not Tiphlitis. It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma (yes, he is).

In the meantime, I was ready to postpone Christmas last night. After my first conversation with Bonnie this morning, I was hopeful again. Now we're back to not so sure. So we wait. Impatiently.

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