Saturday, January 08, 2005

What I know...

I guess we’re still trying to figure all this out. Josh dropped a couple more pounds and his diarrhea has been bloody. We’ve got one doctor absolutely convinced this is GVH in the GI (acronym city here) and another who’s reasonably convinced it’s not. Meanwhile, Josh continues to have these acute attacks of pain in his stomach which everyone is pretty sure is a totally unrelated gall bladder attack.

So we’re pursuing this along two parallel but unrelated tracks. Interestingly, they both hinge on the doctor’s consult from GI which we’re waiting for this morning (now afternoon).

They’ve requested a scope of both the upper and lower GI tract to get a good look and (hopefully) some samples to determine that this is or is not GVH. In the meantime we continue to treat it as GVH with NPO (no food by mouth) and steroids. They want to introduce a radioisotope via his central line and trace it through the gall bladder to determine what we’re looking at there. Hopefully we can complete all these tests in a reasonable time frame and start moving forward with the results. Reasonable to me meaning this weekend. I think they’re thinking any time this week is reasonable.

The gall bladder would be yanked in a flash if this was you or me, but surgery isn’t much of an option here. The doctor did say they would probably risk it if they think they can do it via scope and minimize the incision. But we’ll still have to wait for this flare-up to subside as they wouldn’t go in until the gall bladder has “cooled down.”

Josh is tired and sleeping a lot and getting Dilaudid for pain which has kept it manageable. I’ll post more when I know something. We do seem to spend a lot of time not knowing; guessing, hoping—praying.

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