Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Home today

Josh felt real good last night. He had no pain throughout the evening and his stools are thickening. He's pretty upbeat.

It never fails. Josh will be horrible for long stretches, but when he decides to mend, boy does he mend.

He definitely feels ready to go home. This long stay was really wearing on him. We’re relieved and pretty happy.

Okay, he’s home now! His medication regimen is comparatively pretty light. He’ll be on TPN with the same calories for twelve hours each day. Actually night. Think 10 p.m. - 10 a.m. That may not be for too long, either, if he continues eating well.
His diet was expanded a little and we can try some new things. I’ll have to look at it when I get home and see what’s added.

His pain meds are minimal. He’s taking Ora-morph on schedule so it stays in his system and he has Roxanol for any pain not managed by that and heat. He is still taking Medrol (the steroids), the immune-suppressants, and his regular maintenance drugs but...a pretty light load compared to what he’s been on. They'll be giving him his bi-weekly shot at his checkups each week. He doesn't have to go back in until Thursday this week.

Lots of progress, huge relief. I hope he has enough energy to enjoy being home but that will build up as he continues to recover. I expect he'll over-do it at first and end up paying for it. When I called a minute ago he was up, up being in his beanbag in front of his X-box. That's a good start.

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