Friday, February 11, 2005

Hospital tonight

I was worried they'd put Josh back in the hospital today, but Bonnie just called and they're back home. He's had swollen ankles, been weak, puffy around the face, dehydrated and retaining water. Yesterday he started getting an extra IV each day to keep him better hydrated. That's another four hours he’s hooked up to an IV each day, but better than the alternative. His stomach cramping is better so they've decided to begin to taper down the steroids. They reduced his dose from 24 mg twice a day to 20 mg twice a day.

Bonnie got called back. They had left the clinic before his labs came back and when they came in they showed he was critically low on sodium and they were concerned about a seizure. They had to go straight back downtown. They think they'll be able to give him an IV to level it out, but...

Sure enough, he had to be admitted. Laurie thought he could probably go home, but Dr. S wanted to observe him over night and see how his levels were in the morning. So we’re doing this via dial-up at the hospital. The doctors on the BMT unit think he looks fine and are confident he’ll be discharged in the morning. Here’s hoping!

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