Monday, March 14, 2005

Sunday at Children's

Sunday was mostly just waiting on labs. They're working really hard at monitoring his blood sugar. Ketones were showing up in urine so they adjusted the sliding scale for his insulin to adjust for that.

Nothing new growing in the cultures but they took new cultures Sunday morning and want to watch that for 48 hours before he's released.

Cardiology wanted a 24 hour heart monitor on him to get a readout of his resting heart rate over a period of time but it's been better since he's been in so they canceled it. It's still high, in the 80s and 90s but they don't think there is any damage to his heart. It does still jump into the low 100s occasionally but they said it was strong and regular and some of the fluid around it should resolve once he's off the steroids and TPN.

We're almost done with the steroids, hopefully by the end of the week, but they said it could take a couple of months for that to clear his system so he'll still be 'puffy' for another couple of months.

One good thing from endocrinology was that they aren't convinced that the diabetes will be permanent. They said that it can take months to resolve after he's off all that. It was good to hear after Laurie thinking it should have begun to resolve already. He carries enough risk of long-term damage from chemos and increased risk for secondary cancers. I really hope his major organs pull through this in tact. I'm sure they've suffered enough that they'll be subject to something else down the road, no need to start early.

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