Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Something is up, we don't know what

Josh was out of sorts over the weekend, but nothing specific--just didn't feel good. Monday, one of his teacher's called and said he was lying on the floor and got real light headed when he'd stand up. We picked him up and brought him home. That night, his PICC line was clogged and we thought there might be an infection, but there was no fever. We flushed it and let it sit overnight.
Tuesday morning it was still clogged so we called the clinic and they said bring him in. He started a low grade fever while in the clinic and was complaining of nausea and was lightheaded whenever he’d stand up. They checked his blood pressure while sitting, then standing and it was dropping very low when he’d stand. In the afternoon he started vomiting and they thought they'd better admit him and keep an eye on him. They’re guessing he’s got an infection and pulled the PICC, but it’s looking like it’s probably in the blood as well. They drew cultures and now we’re waiting out the cultures to target with the right antibiotics. For now, they’ve started him on Vancomycin and Cipro.

Bonnie called at 1:30 this morning to let me know they were moving him to ICU over at Children’s Hospital. His fever was up over 103 and his blood pressure was dangerously low so they wanted to be able to monitor it. The two of us will be splitting the time to have a parent at the bedside at all times for medical decisions until he stabilizes. I’ll update when I can once we know anything.

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Doug Simmons said...

Sorry to hear that Josh is back in the hospital. After a couple months of "no news is good news," it is easy to forget how fragile his condition is. You all are in our prayers.