Monday, August 14, 2006

Off to camp--again

We drove up to Camp Quality yesterday and dropped Josh off. He's got two weeks before school starts and about 10 days of that will be up north.

His knee was feeling better after a week of laying around at home and he was ready to go again. It still bothered him some, but it was better and I gave him a knee brace to wear while he's at camp. I hope he remembers to wear it and that he won't over-do it.

Next Saturday Bonnie and I will drive up to pick him up then the three of us will drive up to Traverse City for a mini-vacation, coming home on Wednesday. He'll have a couple of days to rest up before school starts.

He went in to the clinic last week and had another good checkup and they're continuing to reduce his steroids (Medrol). The GVHD in the lungs seems to be clearing up well and, aside from the ankle, he's feeling well. He crumbles about summer being almost over and school starting, but I think he's pretty excited about getting back into the swing of things.

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Russ727 said...

Hi, I'm Russ Chavey, a member of Margarita's TNT team which has Josh as our honored hero. Yes, I too have been reading your posts. Thinking about Josh and his ongoing fight against AML certainly motivates me when I'm getting up at 5am for a training run (I'm doing the Detroit Free Press Marathon).
I'm writing now because you mentioned Josh is at Camp Quality. Two of my daughters were counselors at Camp Quality in past years. It was a wonderful experience for them and I think some of the things they saw and learned there will be with them the rest of their lives. I hope he has a great experience.
I also appreciated your "retrospective" about the past two Augusts. My mother had non-hodgkins lymphoma and I remember how we got so wrapped up in all the ups and downs of her treatments that sometimes you did lose sight of the fact that she was making steady (but slow) progress.
Give my best wishes to Josh for a good year in school this year, I understand his ambivalence about the end of summer and the start of school. Even though it has been several decades I still remember feeling the same way.