Friday, October 06, 2006

Where do I start?

Where I left off, I suppose. The last couple of weeks were a little rough for him. Josh was still feeling a little rough around the edges, but got back to school after missing most of the week before. It was homecoming week and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He was pretty tired, but kept dragging himself off to the different activities, helped set up and was obviously enjoying life.

Saturday night Josh went to the homecoming dance and lasted about 15 minutes. He'd had so much fun that week with the homecoming activities and we were so happy watching him being involved and having so much fun, but he just can't do any activity like that. He was on the dance floor doing the sprinkler (don’t ask) and his ankle gave out. His friends got him some ice and he packed it around his ankle. They helped him to his car and he drove home.

He stayed home the following Monday and I took him to the doctor. They took x-rays which showed no change, so he’s just got to use crutches and keep weight off it for a week or so. We were afraid it had collapsed since he was in so much pain, but it's okay, so he's still on track for a January transplant as long as he gets off the steroids and we find a match.

The ankle is better this week. Bonnie dropped him at school a couple of days this week so he wouldn't have to drive on it. He drove the last couple of days, though. On his way home yesterday he had an accident. He called from the scene and was really shook up. His car is gone, it was totaled. He's okay. He was coming onto a freeway from an access ramp with a pretty sharp turn and he hit some gravel on the ramp and skidded. He probably overcorrected since he said he started to fishtail and he hit a car in the traffic lane knocking it into another car in the lane beside it. He was cited for not safe speed limit - too fast. We'll have to see the results of the ticket, etc. but insurance will go through the roof now. One person in one of the other cars was taken off in an ambulance and we were concerned about them, but heard today they didn't think it was too serious.

Our saga. To be continued...

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Doug Simmons said...

It's hard to watch our kids grow up, especially when they face the kind of challenges Josh has been dealing with for so long. We want the best for them, of course, and part of that is having to let go and let them spread their wings. We know all too well the kinds of things that can happen to fledglings just learning to fly. I did much the same thing when I was Josh's age, and knowing how we drove around town like demolition derby aces it's a wonder all of us survived high school. We continue to keep you, Bonnie, and especially Josh in our prayers. This, too, shall pass. Hang in there, old friend.