Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dressing change and a cast

Took Josh to the doctor to check out his handiwork today. I was impressed. The long incision, about 8-10 inches from just above the toes extending about 6 inches up the front of the leg, was really clean and closed up so neat I can't imagine it leaving much of a scar. There were two more small incisions above that and a couple more on the side of the foot they used to work through. Most of the swelling and bruising was gone and the x-rays looked really good, so they went ahead and put it in a cast. Royal blue. 

His next checkup is in two weeks. The plan is to cut the cast off and pull out his stitches then re-cast it. No weight on the foot for three months to make sure there is no shearing of the graft to give it the best chance to engraft.

He's getting around on his crutches pretty well and we're getting a wheel chair for him to use at school. We'll leave it at school and he'll be able to use it to keep his leg elevated and get around without wearing himself out or hurting his good leg like he did the last time he was on crutches.

He took a nap after he got home and when he woke up the pain pump was empty so he pulled the catheter out of his leg and tossed it out. He's still managing the pain fine without overusing the Vicodin.

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